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White Flint Mall Pushes for Trial Date in Lord & Taylor Suit

Earlier this month a federal court of appeals ruled that Lord & Taylor could not get an injunction to stop the redevelopment of White Flint Mall, but the New York-based retailer isn’t backing down just yet, reports BethesdaNow. Lord & Taylor is arguing for damages based on its original lease agreement; however, it claims it doesn’t have to disclose the names of the damages experts until White Flint Mall produces a final site plan that has been approved by the planning board. The mall’s lawyers believe this is a deliberate attempt to “sandbag White Flint’s redevelopment efforts indefinitely in hopes of securing a multi-million dollar payout,” reports BethesdaNow. And now they’re pushing for a trial date. The mall also argues that Lord & Taylor has been uncooperative regarding aspects of the mall's demolition. Lerner plans to redevelop the mall into a mixed-use town-center as part of the larger White Flint/Pike District redevelopment. [BethesdaNow]