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Our Man Stef


Congrats to one of DC's top real estate lawyers, mentors, advisers, professors, community builders and all-around-mensches—Stef Tucker of Venable. No, not congrats for the football season of his beloved Wolverines (5 and 7 last year, but 2015 looks more promising), or on 54 years of marriage to his beloved Marilyn (with him above on one of their global jaunts, to Rome we believe). Or even on his invaluable service on his (beloved?) Bisnow advisory board. No, the recognition he got recently is truly legit—selected by the American Bar Association Tax Section for its annual Distinguished Service Award, solemnly conferred for signal national contributions to the tax law profession. You can read about Stef, and see the rarified company he keeps, here. And doesn't he just look distinguished in that spiffy Michigan sweatshirt?