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One Night of Rockstar Lawyers


This year's Law Firm Battle of the Bands raised more than $270k, every penny of which will go toward providing clothing for DC-area homeless individuals. With lawyers' bands rocking out on two stages at the Black Cat, and the audience voting with dollars for Gifts for the Homeless, here's how rankings came out:

Esquire Stage

1. Sutherland—Sutherland Comfort (which raised a whopping $42,865 this year and is a multiple-time winner)

2. Paul Hastings, Hunton, Arent Fox—The Unnamed Party

3. Steptoe—Attractive Nuisance

Discovery Stage

1. BuckleySandler—Total B/S

2. Kirkland—The Soul Practitioners

3. Sterne Kessler—Terminal Disclaimer (above)