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Is Judge Judy A SCOTUS Justice? Many College Grads Think So.

Judge Judy

Survey says: in the minds of some Americans, Judge Judy may be a justice on the US Supreme Court. A survey of 1,000 American adults shows that 9.6% of college graduates identified Judge Judy, of the eponymous TV show, as a Supreme Court justice, reports the Hill. (Another 5.5% picked Secretary of State John Kerry as one of the Nine.) The American Council of Trustees and Alumni released the report, which is titled "A Crisis in Civic Education." Indeed. [Hill]


This isn't the first poll that's shown how little the public knows about the highest court in the land (particularly relative to how much it knows about television shows). A 2007 survey released by the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center showed that while just 15% of Americans could name John Roberts as the Chief Justice, 66% of respondents could name at least one judge on American Idol.