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Andy Olek - WeddingWire


Andy Olek is GC for WeddingWire, an online resource for wedding planning that operates in 14 countries, including the US, Canada, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico and Brazil. In February, it acquired WeddingPlanner S.L., a Spanish company that operates the leading vertical marketplace for weddings and events in Europe. Andy tells us the company has over 45,000 paying advertisers and has grown to over 650 employees—up from 150 three years ago. Andy tells us that while he doesn't often get to use the massage chairs, treadmill desk, video games or ping-pong tables in WeddingWire's office, he enjoys the frequent happy hours. Before joining WeddingWire, he spent time in-house at Merkle and Blackboard Inc, and in private practice in the Corporate and IP departments at Fried Frank.

What you didn't know about Andy:

  • He's a member of the Ancient Order of Shellbacks, which is earned by crossing the Equator at sea.
  • Andy and his wife both grew up in this area and their parents, grandparents and siblings all live within 20 miles of their home.
  • After attending the US Naval Academy, his first real job was as a US Navy Officer on a warship, responsible for 23 sailors at age 23.
  • Andy's ship went through the Straits of Gibraltar and Hormuz and the Panama and Suez Canals, and around the Galapagos Islands, where they saw a superpod of 500 dolphins chasing a school of tuna.