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Who's Using Treadmill Desks: Part 2

After our recent Part 1 on treadmill desks, we heard from a lot of you who are embracing the trend. It seems 13-hour days don't always leave much time for the gym, so workouts have to come any place they can.


Cahill Gordon DC managing partner Chérie Kiser has been using her LifeSpan treadmill desk since August. On a speed of 2.3MPH, she averages 15,000 steps per day and 50 miles each week—while managing to type, read, and talk on the phone. (Her one-day high was 27,000 steps—a whopping 11 miles.) Chérie recommends reducing the sensitivity of your computer's mouse and grabbing a wireless headset for phone calls. Last year, the office got Fitbits for everyone, and Chérie's considering installing a shared treadmill desk in the library.


Williams & Connolly partner Luba Shur is a longtime tread desk user, going back to late 2012. (She assures us she generally doesn't wear heels.) She picked one up as a way to be less sedentary during the day; it was a side benefit that her husband found an article on a Mayo Clinic study that showed treadmill desk users were more efficient. Her husband also snagged one for his home office. She fits in a five-mile run in the morning before work and keeps an elliptical at home. Luba tells us she's been spending a substantial amount of time on putative class actions, with the many briefings and conference calls that entails; the treadmill is so low noise that she can take those calls while taking a walk. If you have a treadmill desk, send an email to

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