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Whayne is known for municipal law with a focus on land use, having worked on close to 5,000 such cases. Just pick a location. On Pennsylvania Ave alone, he's handled buildings from Washington Circle to the Newseum, including the Willard Hotel addition, Washington Hotel addition, JW Marriott building, the entire square housing the National Theater and the IMF. He worked to get the Verizon Center and the Convention Center approved, and on the US Institute of Peace on 23rd Street, the Marriott Marquis, DOT HQ, the Capper-Carrollsburg development across from the Navy Yard, Washington Harbor, Georgetown Park and multiple chanceries. The law of the city on who owns alleys came about from Whayne's landmark case, C&P Telephone Company. Whayne grew up on a family farm in Tennessee, tending his own tobacco crop for more than 10 years. He spent two years on a Navy aircraft carrier, between Vanderbilt and UVa Law. Then he clerked for US District Court Judge Joseph McGarraghy--a name partner at Wilkes Artis before being appointed to the bench--who suggested he try his old firm. Whayne eventually headed Wilkes Artis for more than a decade before joining H&K in 2000. He enjoys playing guitar and keyboard, reading--just finished Ireland by Frank Delaney--golf, travel and fly fishing. Best lesson: Preparation is 90% of the practice of law.