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America's Healthcare Solution: The Acela

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America's Healthcare Solution: The Acela

Since healthcare reform passed in the Senate (at8am--lawyers remember),Cozen OConnor Public Strategies has bulked up. MP Howard Schweitzer calls it theAcela-corridor strategy:a robust practice across NY, Philly, DC, and DE, withDC as the anchor. (We recommend designating one conference room the "quiet car," where people can take naps.)

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We snapped chairmanMark Alderman,right,with the newest add:Colin Roskey, a former Alston & Bird lawyer and Senate Finance Committee counsel who is in both the healthcare and public policy practices. (And though his 9-year-old daughter,Rose, used to be sure of it, the registered lobbyist does not spend his days sitting in a lobby.) Colin tells us theres been a realde-icing between parties on the Hill. Republicans are starting to support the delivery aspects of Obamacare, though not how itsfinanced.

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Here's public policy managing partner Howard Schweitzer. Potentially problematic aspects include themedical device taxwhich could disincentivize rapid-cycle prototyping that leads to improvements in med tech. Another is the rising tide helps all boats idea that led to$500Bfrom Medicare providers financing the expansion. Some providers, like the home care industry, dont stand to benefit from the expansion.


Mark Gallanthas chaired the firms healthcare practice, based in Philly, for adozen years. He tells us 2012 was a banner year, and he's looking to add lawyers, particularly in DC. Theres always demand for lawyers well-versed inStark law(for the non-healthcare buffs: provisions governing self-referral by physicians to Medicare and Medicaid patients). There's also plenty of work in areas likeprovider reimbursement, impacted by the Medicare expansion. Hed like to see moretransactional workthis year, along with the constant diet of regulatory issues and provider-payer type disputes.

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