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A Multilingual Moot

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A Multilingual Moot

McDermott moot court 1

McDermott's Lisa Richman grew up in DC, but speaking predominantly French and German. (Her mom's family is Austrian and she attended the German School.) Then she picked up Spanish in college. So when her colleague Dr. Sabine Konrad founded an international moot court focused on investment protection, she brought Lisa on board. This year's competition, the 6th Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court, drew 50 teams from 25 countries and has five practice moots around the world. Lisa helped organize DC's, above. That includes drafting the case study, which was based on the real Bering Sea Arbitration of the 1800s. Above, Lisa's at left with Mark Kantor, Ronald Bettauer, AU coach Willa Obel, AU's Alex Haney, Matthew Peterson, and Kyle Bates,Covington's Jonathan Gimblett, and Bonnie Bird and Michael Collins.

McDermott Moot London 1

With a practice focused on international arbitration, Lisa's frequently traveling. She was most recently in London, above, for business and one of the moots, which she organized. Above, McDermott's Kavita Mehta, Lisa, Stockholm University coach Brian Kotick, WilmerHale's Gary Born, SU's Aleksejs Ketovs, McDermott's Jacob Grierson, SU's Katrine Ritto Tvede, Quinn Emmanuel's Stephen Jagusch, SU's Dominica Durchowska, Stephenson Harwood's Louis Flannery, and McDermott's Tamara Vasiljeva. The other three moots are in Hong Kong, Kiev, and Mumbai; the final competition takes place in Frankfurt March 18-22, before judges including International Court of Justice president Peter Tomka and Dechert's Eduardo Silva Romero.