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Redskins Pierre Garçon Catches Another Location


If you have 90 seconds, you have enough time to eat at Pierre Garçon’s SpinFire Pizza thanks to the restaurant’s 900-degree oven. The new Rosslyn shop is the second location owned by the Redskins wide receiver and his business partner Fouad Qreitem. Guests can choose from 30 toppings to customize their individual pies. We chatted with Pierre about what’s on his pizza: “My favorite is the Hawaiian (which we snapped), but I’ve eaten it so many times I’ve moved on to BBQ chicken.” He says he balances working to franchise SpinFire Pizza with training. “In the offseason, it’s mostly pizza—there’s no clock-in, clock-out, I’m always running around making sure things are running properly,” he tells us. Next up is a location in the Wheaton Mall, and he hopes DC is on the horizon