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The Black Sheep of 14th Street


That's what chef/owner Michael Schlow dubs TICO, the restaurateur’s first DC restaurant. Like its Boston location, the menu will offer American food with twists inspired by Michael’s travels to Latin America, Mexico, and Spain. “We’re not trying to be an Estadio or a Barcelona Wine Bar; they do a great job serving authentic Spanish cuisine. We’re first and foremost approachable American food.” However, grab a moment with Michael and he’ll regale you with impassioned stories about Spain, like his dinner at the famed (but shuttered) elBulli that lasted close to 10 hours. Michael’s the creative type, and so is his wife, Adrienne. She’s working on the distressed brick walls and mixed media artwork while Michael is meticulously making perfect playlists. TICO is set to open in June inside the Louis at 14 development.