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The Best in the Biz Talk Trends


RAMMY 2014 finalists in the categories of Best Service Program of the Year and Restaurateur of the Year held court at a panel discussion organized by the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington at the National Restaurant Association. Recruiting, training, and retaining staff  was the chief topic, given that 115 restaurants opened in DC alone over the past 12 months, according to RAMW.


Here are our top three quotes:

  • “This generation of people doesn’t care about money. They’re not interested in buying a home or a car. You have to drive and motivate them through knowledge and excitement, which requires more energy.” David Wizenberg, Passion Food Hospitality
  • “When hiring the ‘me generation’ make sure they can make a joke, respond thoughtfully, and make eye contact. You can train food and service, but you can’t give them what their mammas should have.” Meshelle Armstrong, Eat Good Food Group
  • “You can’t please everybody. It’s all about how you solve the problem. Hopefully, you’re given the opportunity to fix things while the customer is still in the restaurant. Taking it out on social media is like giving someone the middle finger driving on the road.” Robert Wiedmaier, RW Restaurant Group (pictured)

Also on the panel were Ashok Bajaj, Knightsbridge Restaurant Group; Michael Babin, Neighborhood Restaurant Group; Todd Thrasher, Eat Good Food Group; Adam Sanders, BLT Steak; Joseph Cerione, Blue Duck Tavern. Nation’s Restaurant News' Bret Thorn served as moderator.