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Papadopoulos Properties’ Menu for 2014

Papadopoulos Properties principal Tom Papadopoulos tells us that the restaurant real estate the company celebrates its 30th birthday this April. As the largest restaurant broker in the DC metro, Tom says that the DC dining scene stayed hot through the recession and continues to sizzle. While there is still room for some high end restaurants, the real appetizers are the funky and different mid-range eateries. (Usually Tom never has to wait for a table... nice work if you can get it!) Hey, landlords: Who ya gonna call when you sense your restaurant tenant is about to bail? (Tom gets lots of those calls.) Papadopoulos is also seeing action from Chicago, Boston, LA, and NYC from the mom-and-pops up to the big enchiladas. Stay tuned for some big announcements. For more info on our sponsor, click here.