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Mas Sushi at Masa 14


Back before 14th Street was a dining mecca, Richard Sandoval dared to open Masa 14 in 2009. They've been cranking out cocktails and Latin-Asian small plates ever since. Recently, there have been big changes including new Chef de Cuisine Felipe Milanes, whom we snapped serving some of his new dishes. They range from spicy tuna nachos to “Foie Jitas,” which are like the ones you used to get at Chili's but with foie gras and guava crema. Masa 14 also launched a sushi menu including the “Rainbow Tropico Roll” with tuna, hamachi, salmon, avocado and mango-papaya salsa. Wondering why the rice is so perfect? Don’t forget that Kaz Okochi has a hand in the recipes.  

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