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Ryan Fleming and Miranda Mirabella aren’t sleeping much. That’s because the newlyweds are behind Slipstream—the 3-week-old Logan Circle spot serving craft coffee by day and inspired cocktails by night. Both programs are designed to help customers try new things and discover their preferences. Breakfast, brunch and dinner are also offered, with lunch on the horizon. The laid back atmosphere will encourage you to linger, but you can also grab a $2.50 coffee and a freshly baked pastry to go. We snapped Ryan and Miranda in front of the shop’s burst of color—a mural painted by Ryan’s high school buddy.


Slipstream stands out by offering a selection of 8-9 javas which can be brewed as coffee or as espresso. The menu is set up to encourage customers to compare them side-by-side. But don’t worry if you can’t drink it straight. “Our specialty drinks are great too, they make coffee more approachable, kind of like learning to appreciate whiskey through cocktails,” Ryan tells us. The espresso tonic is a treat the couple brought with them from San Francisco. “The tonic replaces milk, but provides the same sweetness,” Miranda explains. What’s next for Slipstream? Perhaps some classes on brewing at home.