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A SpiritsBar Price Drop


It’s hard to escape Rogue 24 without paying $300 before drinks. That’s because Chef R.J. Cooper uses 435 ingredients in his 24-course Journey Menu. Instead, get a taste of Rogue 24 culture for only $44 per person at a four-seat slab of wood in the back of the restaurant called SpiritsBar. Under the care of bartender-meets-mad-scientist Bryan Tetorakis, guests experience four bites and four cocktails. This is a price drop from $55 for three drinks and three bites. We snapped Bryan as he put the finishing touches on some drinks. He explained that SpiritsBar is his lab of sorts. “Sometimes I keep the bites for a couple weeks to give myself a chance to nail down the perfect cocktail pairing with dishes that have really funky flavors,” Bryan tells us. Call for reservations (202) 408-9724.

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