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Wiki Attempts To Organize DC Startups


The DC startup scene has exploded, which means it's harder to know what’s here. So Brandon Luong formed an initiative called DMV Startup and created a wiki page for all startups (even the non-tech ones) that he released this week. Startups can add pages about themselves, local events and meetups; find out about jobs; and get general tips. Brandon, who runs digital agency Guanxi Innovations, says he used a simple, responsive platform that allows people to make entries after getting his consent. 


Brandon, who built the free-to-use wiki with five tech colleagues, says part of his motivation was spending time on the West Coast and having people ask him if life in DC meant going to the White House all the time. The wiki’s aim is to shed the government town stigma and attract and retain more talented Millennials. Brandon would like to see 6,000 entries by 2018 and 10,000 page views per month.

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