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Morgan Giddings – Piper


Morgan Giddings is changing the way retailers offer receipts by making them electronic. The Piper platform captures transaction details when a credit or debit card is used without having to collect an email address. Shoppers get details of the transaction through their Piper account and always have access to it, along with the merchant, through cloud-based storage. The five-person company, founded by Morgan in August 2012, will launch the solution this year. Piper was also the only US company to compete at the 2014 Startup Nations International Summit in Seoul, South Korea, last November.


What you didn’t know about Morgan:

  • The craziest thing she’s done (but worth it) is leave a steady paycheck as a client liaison to Fortune 500 companies at a speaker’s bureau. 
  • Her favorite movie is The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan.
  • Her bucket list includes learning to fly, traveling in a motorcade and trying to go one day without coffee.
  • She’s from Seattle