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Four Reasons Why TalkLocal Is All Grown Up


Seems like just yesterday (but it wasn't) that we were mentioning the creation of a new web service the connects people with service providers like plumbers and electricians. Now, TalkLocal is all grown up.

1) Moved out of its parents’ Potomac, MD, basement into its investors HQ in Crystal City, into real office space in College Park;

2) Changed its name from Sevacall to TalkLocal (doesn’t everybody change their name at least once?)

3) Launched a mobile app this month for its service that connects people within seconds to service providers like plumbers and electricians;

4) Raised $4M in venture funding to date.

Co-founder Manpreet Singh says the new office is next to the University of Maryland so the startup can pluck tech talent. The area is becoming an emerging startup scene and could get even bigger if the school gets a tax break designation for surrounding startups.