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Elise Whang – SNOBSWAP


Elise Whang started SNOBSWAP after craving a way to swap clothes with her sisters, who were in different parts of the country, and finding little time to shop consignment stores. So she created the online marketplace to give people access to luxury clothing and accessories from over 50 consignment boutiques and over 3,000 private closets. The company has raised $700k in seed funding, has a team of six, plus interns, and is generating (undisclosed) revenue. She’s now working on giving a makeover.


What you didn’t know about Elise:

  • Her favorite condiment is Sriracha -- she says it’s great on eggs, pizza and hamburgers.
  • Her biggest fear is working on something she’s not passionate about. 
  • One item on her bucket list is to take her kids on a safari in South Africa. 
  • Her favorite karaoke songs are “Don’t Stop Believin',” “Titanium” and “True Colors.”