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Adam Vitarello and Tobin Moore – Optoro


Optoro’s cloud-based software and e-commerce platform let retailers deal with the 10% to 15% of inventory that’s returned or deemed excess. Consumers get amazing deals, retailers avoid any loss and items stay out of landfills. The revenue-generating company, launched by Adam Vitarello (above) and Toby Moore (right), both 32, has nearly 200 employees. It’s backed with $50M from investors like Kleiner Perkins and Revolution Growth, and clients are Top 50 retailers. Before launching Optoro in 2008, Toby and Adam co-founded eSpot, one of the first eBay drop-off stores in the country. 


What you didn’t know about Adam and Toby:

  • Adam never had interest in business growing up, but did love Legos.
  • He once watched Groundhog Day every day for a month.
  • His happiest moment was reaching the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. His second happiest was leaving the top.
  • He studied History and Latin American studies at Brown. 
  • Toby went bungee jumping three times at three locations in one day.
  • His bucket list includes riding a bull
  • One of his biggest fears is getting left alone and lost at a giant, crowded grocery store. 
  • He used to have a turkey with candles in it for his birthday growing up, instead of a cake. 
  • His sisters, Jocelyn Gailliot and Maddy Grayson, co-founded local e-commerce company Tuckernuck.