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Wingate Hughes starts on The Ground Floor

Washington DC Tech
Wingate Hughes starts on The Ground Floor

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Wingate Hughes Architects principal Gavin Daniels is excited about the tech spec suites the firm is designing with Monday Properties--repped by John Wharton and Evan Regan-Levine--at 1400 Key Blvd in Rosslyn. The space, called The Ground Floor, is a shared-amenity, small suite environment. The idea is to offer nine sub-2,000 SF suites, all on one floor--a classic example of how an innovative architect and progressive landlord design space conducive for growth. Another project in the queue--confidential until now--is an office space for Manchester United in Chevy Chase. Wingate Hughes was selected as the projects architect and has been working on it diligently since September. For more info on our sponsor, click here.