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The Med Tracker

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Hospitals have hundreds of pharmacy kits scattered around, but only a small percentage of the meds inside are used. It's sent back to the pharmacist, who has to figure out what was used and what's about to expire. That’s the headache DC-based Kit Check is trying to solve using cloud-based software and RFID technology. Over 80 hospital pharmacies are using the RFID tags on each vial to track medications, says co-founder/CEO Kevin McDonald (left), here with co-founder/CTO Tim Kress-Spatz.


The pharmacy scans the kit in a station about the size of a microwave—tracking what’s left, expiration dates, and more. The 40-person company, whose first customer was the University of Maryland Medical Center in 2012, raised a $10.4M series A round last year and recently hired San Francisco entrepreneur Ted Ridgway as COO. They're hiring one person per week in product development and operations, says Kevin, whose RFID career includes tracking everything from weapons in Colombia to airplane parts in Europe to medical devices in the US.