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Tech Salaries Up Big Time

Washington DC Tech
Tech Salaries Up Big Time

Dice-Scot Melland

Wondering why you're rolling in dough? Tech salaries saw the biggest jump in over a decade, with tech workers seeing an over 5% increase in average annual wages to $85,619. The latest Dice salary survey also found that a huge number of tech workers said they could find an even better job in 2013. Employers are stepping up recruiting and retaining with more interesting or challenging assignments, increased compensation, and telecommuting options. Dice president Scot Melland says companies used to just invest in recruiting or retention but now they're putting money toward both.


Silicon Valley is the only market where tech people get six-figure salaries on average, the study also found. But Pittsburgh, San Diego, and St. Louis have seen huge salary increases in the last year. Virginia-based tech workers average $96,539 salaries; Maryland is at $93,098; and DC pays $97,895 on average. The biggest earners are big data experts who know Hadoop, NoSQL, and Mongo DB, all earning north of $100,000. Cloud and virtualization experts are just under $90,000 and mobile salaries hover around $80,000. But the jocks who made fun of them in high school (and now earn half that salary) once kissed a JV cheerleader... so it all evens out.

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