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Ozmosis Founder Launches Next Startup

Washington DC Tech
Ozmosis Founder Launches Next Startup

ArcheMedX-joel selzerJoel Selzer is doing what serial entrepreneurs do best. The Ozmosis founder launched ArcheMedX a few months ago to create e-learning tools and assessment models for continuing medical education. The Charlottesville, Va.-based company has partnered with a dozen organizations like medical societies and academic medical centers to create virtual learning platforms that support a clinician'snatural learning habits. Some of the platforms will be geared to individual learners and some can do collaborative, cohort learning. Joel will remain chairman of DC-based Ozmosis and still visits weekly as an advisor as it expands its enterprise collaboration solutions. His new venture, launched in Charlottesville because his wife took a UVA nursing position, is among a thriving tech and startup community.


ArcheMedX-Brian McGowanJoel launched the company with Dr. Brian McGowan, who ran Pfizer's medical education group. He once interviewed Joel for a book he was writing on how clinicians use tech to collaborate. The company, which raised funding, just got its first two programs approved and funded by pharma firms and has built a large sales pipeline with its partners. One of the programs is a 14-week collaboration curriculum to educate clinicians on non-small cell lung cancer. (First lesson should be: there's nothing wrong with calling yourself big cell. Take pride in your cell body image.) Joel says ArcheMedX will announce a dozen more partners in the next month or so.