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New Tire And Brakes Maven

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New Tire And Brakes Maven

autosquad-beth vanstory

The online to offline market has been heating up over the last year with companies like Uber and Warby Parker leading the charge. Sterling, Va.-based TireVan recently hired guru Beth VanStory to rebrand the company and expand from just tires to also brakes. Now known as AutoSquad, the company will install tires and brakes anywhere in the DC region and Philadelphia.

autosquad-tire warehouse

Beth says the company is part of the next wave of e-commerce where an online business delivers its product offline. ?We're seeing more and more orders online versus the phones. And people have become more accustomed to mobile services,? she adds. Beth moved to the region from Silicon Valley but spent time here in the early 80s when she worked in interactive TV for the former Bell Atlantic. She's also run new media for, and launching and running

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