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New Startup Lets Mechanics Bid

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New Startup Lets Mechanics Bid

bidometer-jimmy and donovan

Jimmy Rossi and Matthew Donovan have a new way for people to get their cars fixed.Bidometer, recently out of testing, is offering an online platform for consumers to post info about their car's problems and let mechanics offer bids for the work. The user can check off which auto shops are involved in the bidding and how long they have to give their estimate. The lowest bidder wins. The consumer can write reviews and the auto shops can create online profiles about their business. The service is free for consumers and shops for now, but the team is working on a pricing model. The DC region is the launch pad for the service, and they plan to spread to other large Metro areas. It's good news for consumers but bad news for character actors who make a living lampooning the (soon-to-be-extinct) unethical mechanic.

Who else should be bidding for our business? Tell Bisnow's Tania Anderson.

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