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Metalogix Ringing Up Sales

Washington, D.C. Tech

Metalogix has been on a four-year growth spurt most companies would dream of—17 profitable quarters in a row, 325 employees, and 16,000 customers that include big names like JP Morgan, Exxon, and Pfizer. The company, which has $70M in revenue, sells enterprise content management software that keeps tabs on workforce productivity. CEO Steve Murphy says part of the DC startup’s growth is due to the fact that it’s a “toothbrush” tool—something companies must have and use every single day (unless you're a stubborn 4-year-old) to keep content protected. But Steve, showing off a sales team incentive trophy, says it also helps to be in a growing tech hub like DC, where lots of young, ambitious, and highly educated people are looking for tech jobs. Metalogix’s average age is 28


Steve also gives credit to the company’s click-try-buy sales technique. The customer can download the software for free, use for a bit, and then decide to buy. (A gong is rung with every big sale.) The company’s sales operation is a trading-floor atmosphere. Steve says it's competitive but focused on customer needs. The Edward Snowden security breach has also helped sales. The former government contractor had access to files that should have been sectioned off to certain workers. One of the features of Megalogix software is access control. (Not that they asked, but we doubt Snowden would show up to record commercials for the company.)