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Fosterly Seeks Entrepreneurs

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Fosterly Seeks Entrepreneurs

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In this economy and bleak job market, entrepreneurial pursuits have never been hotter. Yet many entrepreneurs feel left out in the cold, without a network or support community. No more.Fosterly co-organizer Dov Markowitz explains that the network was created for entrepreneurs to help each other work together, facilitating and streamlining the achievement process. Best of all, it's not just for hi-tech, hi-growth companies--all who desire to learn and connect are welcome. Its premier annual event, Day of Fosterly, is rapidly approaching. On May 4, Fosterly will provide workshops, pitch sessions, present an expo, make introductions to investment institutions, and more (visit Bisnow at the Media Match!). Fosterly also offers perks on its website at no cost. From marketing tools to payroll and swag, it wants to save you as much as possible. For more info on these events and savings from our sponsor, click here.