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Ballston Innovation Initiative Ready To Launch

Washington, D.C. Tech
Ballston Innovation Initiative Ready To Launch


Ballston Innovation Initiative (BI2) announces its launch party, April 18, with Carly Fiorina. Our sponsor,BI2, is the definition of a lean startup, applied to government. The partnership among Amplifier Ventures, Arlington Economic Development, and area universities, science agencies, and the business community creates awareness around federal science agency requirements. Also, it provides exposure to security products and approaches created by non-traditional sources and the entrepreneurs who launch those firms. This Thursdays launch will showcase the Greater Washington Region as a vibrant technology ecosystem and highlight the importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs engagement in solving technology-related challenges. BI2 is a three-month, public-private program designed to establish relationships among entrepreneurs, government, leading educational institutions, and local business leaders. Above, Amplifier Ventures'Jonathan Aberman and AED's Jennifer Ives.Register Now!