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5 Health Technologies At CES 2016

The Consumer Technology Association holds one of the biggest gadget parties of the year. This year’s CES show in Las Vegas is full of wearables and technology to help you take better care of yourself. Here are five to watch.



Born and bred in Reston, VA, LifeFuels is a finalist for CES People’s Choice award. The company is showcasing its nutrition and fitness bottle, which automatically dispenses vitamins and supplements into the water portion of the cup. The bottle is also connected to an app that lets users track their water intake and personal health profile. The bottle and 10 FuelPods sells for $200. 



Falling under the wearable category, this $70 wireless cloud-based thermometer keeps parents informed of their child’s internal temperature through a patch placed under the baby’s arm and through a small device that picks up the baby's temp every four seconds. The child’s temperature is sent to the parent’s phone and sounds an alert when a fever spikes or reaches a certain threshold. Medical history data can also be sent to the pediatrician. The device was developed by Sweden-based Fridababy, which has its US HQ in Miami. 



Samsung’s WELT or Wellness Belt will be one of those wearables that we know speaks the truth but we just don’t want to hear it. The belt communicates with your phone and tells you how many steps you’ve taken, how long you’ve been sitting, eating habits and your waistline size. The data is sent to a specially designed app for analysis and can tell you how much weight you might gain that month if you continue your current eating habits. The company expects the WELT to go on sale this year.  



These are smart wireless headphones developed by Misfit. They’re not only used for tunes; they have a built-in accelerometer to track activity and sleep and are connected to Misfit’s software platform. That means they can be used as a remote control for changing music, taking a selfie and activating certain iPhone features. The company hasn’t said when Specter would be released or how much it would cost. 

UA Band fitness tracker


Under Armour has developed a new fitness tracker that does all the typical things like step counting and sleep monitoring, as well as resting heart rate, all displayed on an LED screen. A chest straps lets you track heart rate, workout intensity and heart rate zones. The fitness tracker also has a silent alarm for morning wake-up and for inactivity. Along with the band is a scale that syncs body weight and fat percentage to the UA Record app. The fitness tracker, heart rate monitoring strap and scale go on sale later this month for $400.