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3D Models Let You Dream

Washington, D.C. Tech
3D Models Let You Dream


When the public was finally allowed to enter 1776, a new entrepreneurship hub in downtown DC, it looked like nothing more than a gutted office suite. But the 1776 team was able to get a digital tour of the space, complete with walls, floors, and furniture through Floored, a New York company doing 3D modeling of physical spaces. The small startup, led by David Eisenberg (center), uses a new 3D camera and software developed by Palo Alto-based Matterport to scan the space and then create models. It started doing it for New York spaces and has recently expanded to Washington.


You can tell this is only a model because in reality the computer screens would be on March Madness pages. David and his team are targeting commercial real estate companies, but he envisions creating 3D models for hospitals, homes, and museums. "We want to be part of a movement to create virtual copies of the physical world," he says. The real estate world mostly uses 2D floor plans and video tours to help clients envision an office space's potential. But Floored's models simulate what it's like to walk through the space, complete with turning corners and looking out windows to take in the views.