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National Harbor's New Retail

This is the scene at National Harbor, which in recent weeks has opened up the 175-foot Capitol Wheel as well as that big LED Jumbotron, offering up movies, sports, and more. And the Peterson Cos has just added more retail, too. SVP of National Harbor Kent Digby tells us 20k SF of new restaurants and retailers have just opened or will open soon, including Star Restaurant Group's Walrus Oyster & Ale House, a new concept featuring Eastern Shore seafood and tons of beer options. Peterson's also added Crab Cake Cafe, a quick-service spot offering on-demand crab cake sandwiches, which Kent says was a top request the firm got from visitors. (People have a lot of time to think at the top of a Ferris wheel.) An announcement on another major restaurant is expected within a week, he adds; Walrus Oyster and Crab Cake Cafe will both open in July.