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New 9/11 Pentagon Memorial Planned by 2020


A new 9/11 Pentagon Memorial Visitor Education Center is scheduled to open by 2020. The new visitor center will be in front of the Pentagon Memorial on a grassy patch that runs along Washington Boulevard and Columbia Pike.

James Laychack, president of the Pentagon Memorial Fund, hopes the center will help the more than 500,000 visitors the memorial attracts each year understand the importance of the location. “The Pentagon is the only 9/11 attack site without a visitor center or museum to explain the historic significance of what happened on that day,” Laychack noted. The center will be directly on the flight path taken by Flight 77 before it crashed into the Pentagon on that fateful day.

Walking audio tours will be featured to help tell the stories of both survivors and victims. The organization is seeking sponsors to help reach its fundraising goal of $75M for the visitor education center, which is expected to open in 2019 or 2020. [ARL]