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For Innovative Companies, Moving Is A Growth Catalyst, Not A Byproduct


Companies with growing headcounts, ambitious expansion plans or changing needs can be excited, but overwhelmed, by the prospect of moving. Relocating an office carries the opportunity to creatively design and tailor a space to the business’s needs.

Savvy leaders can leverage a move to establish a brand or redefine their corporate culture. Moving also presents numerous challenges, from the logistical issues of transferring furniture to the strategic ones of activating a space and accommodating employees.

Technology has facilitated the move in many ways: giving stakeholders accurate 3D or virtual reality renderings to help customize a new space; drastically reducing the amount of physical file migration that needs to occur now that firms rely on the cloud; and tracking and organizing all the steps throughout the process.

We caught up with StellaPop Chief Operating Officer and partner Angie O'Grady, who leverages her extensive real estate expertise to deliver turnkey move management services. Her 25 years of working with D.C. CRE firms showed her that engaging a consultative team can allow companies to maximize the benefits of moving while reducing the associated headaches and pitfalls.


“Workplace services emerged as a product within our business management group due to our vast experience evaluating companies’ office needs, space challenges and how to help them navigate the complex process of moving their business,” O’Grady said.

Moving can be an effective repositioning strategy. It can motivate or reinvigorate a stagnating team. New layouts and open floor plans can fundamentally alter the way colleagues interact, communicate and collaborate, so foresight is key.

“Workplace services is only one product in our offering,” O’Grady said. “As a unique boutique consulting firm, we build a lot of things: strategies, brands, campaigns, innovation, teams.”

Companies will often invest in new equipment, products, infrastructure and systems when relocating, and determining which are best suited to the company, and which will produce the highest returns on investment, can be easier with a consultant’s informed perspective.


“Many companies are moving to digital vs. paper files, which has required some upgrades to their pipeline and digital systems like Office365 or other cloud storage resources,” O’Grady said. “Our ultimate goal is to create something bigger, deeper and more long term than any transaction, C-suite memo or click-through for our clients. We work every day to build meaningful, lasting relationships — the kind where everyone wins.”

Moving can catalyze innovation, especially if a team moves to an incubator or co-working space where employees are immersed in an entrepreneurial, creative environment.

“Understanding all of the pieces of the puzzle, including technology, the moving process and a communication plan is all necessary to ensure a smooth transition,” she said.

StellaPop leverages platforms like BaseCamp, Smart Sheets, checklists and other resources, while clearly articulating progress and potential relocation difficulties to clients.

“Moving a business requires a lot of coordination so that all systems are ready for business to be conducted on day one,” O’Grady said. “It is not a task that should be delegated to an intern or team member with time on their hands.”

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