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Federal Court Presses GSA for Answers on TSA HQ


A federal court judge has issued an order to the GSA to explain how it selected the site for the new HQ for the Transportation Security Administration in Alexandria.

US Court of Federal Claims Judge Charles Lettow has asked the GSA for details on the selection of 5001 Eisenhower Ave. over a competing site in Springfield. Specifically, the judge wants to know how rental rates were calculated for the two competing properties and details on the present value analysis for both sites, Washington Business Journal reports. The GSA has to file a reply brief that includes the information with the court on Friday.

The selection of the Victory Center site for the TSA HQ has been a subject of contention with Boston Properties, the company behind the competing Springfield bid. Boston Properties filed a bid protest with the GAO in August, claiming that the GSA relaxed requirements for the Victory Center site and overlooked some key environmental issues[WBJ]