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Eminent Domain Battle: District Seizes Land for DC United Stadium Site


As expected, papers were filed with the DC Superior Court that will allow the District to seize control of two acres at Buzzard Point. The land is owned by developer Akridge and located at the site of the future DC United stadium.

DC faced a deadline of Wednesday to show it had full control of stadium land or the team would have had the right to walk away and search for a new home. Akridge has gone on record supporting the stadium project at Buzzard Point, but there remains a significant gap between DC and the developer over the value of the land. DC is prepared to pay $21M while Akridge is seeking $36M.

The DC government and the team released a joint statement stating that they were “moving forward” on the soccer stadium. The eminent domain fight is headed to court and a judge will determine the value of Akridge’s two acres. [WBJ]