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Your Thoughts on Cousins

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The results are in, and they're mixed as far as trading away prized Redskins backup Kirk Cousins. Here's what some of you had to say:

  • From Atlanta, The Wilbert Group's Tony Wilbert ("a displaced Redskins fan in Falcon territory," he says) answers "Yes, the time is right to trade Kirk Cousins because a deal would work out for him and the Redskins. Cousins wants, and deserves, the chance to start. 
  • ARA's Richard MacDonogh: "They ought to trade RG3 and a couple others, and surround Cousins with a complete team. As precedent, the Cowboys rebuilt themselves into champs by trading Herschel Walker to the Vikings."
  • Larry Ochsman: "Nope—a known quantity just coming into his own."