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Close Up: Bisnow’s Joni Margotta & Her Hidden Talent

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Bisnow Texas and Southwest business manager Joni Margotta recently revealed a hidden talent; no, it’s not how she can close a deal while talking on the phone, driving her car, and responding to an email simultaneously. Nope, she can paint a killer fish and did while on a couples night with her husband, Dave, at Painting with a Twist in McKinney, Texas.


Her fish (with the yellow face) may be a hint that she’s wishing for longer days, warmer nights, and a few pina coladas on a beach with tropical fish nearby. But now that she's taken on Phoenix, she'll have another warm climate to visit. Wanna get in on the Phoenix action and learn about ads or marketing? Give Joni a call at 469-569-0246 or email her at Tell her the fish sent you.

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