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PODCAST: Listen To 'Let's Have A Drink' With Savills Senior Managing Director Wendy Feldman Block

This is Bisnow's podcast series, "Let’s Have A Drink," where we sit down with the personalities who shape Washington, D.C., real estate — one of the most complex and affluent markets in the country. Hosted by Bisnow East Coast Editor Ethan Rothstein, we examine the deals, the disappointments and, of course, drinks of choice. You can subscribe on iTunesSpotify or listen on SoundCloud.

Savills' Wendy Feldman Block accepting CREBA's Brendan McCarthy Memorial Award in April 2018

This week, Bisnow had coffee with one of the premier tenant representation brokers in the area, Savills Senior Managing Director Wendy Feldman Block.

Feldman Block started her career at Julien J. Studley Co. in the late 1980s, and although the company's name has changed over the years, she has never worked anywhere else. Her longevity has also given her perspective when she sees a true game changer come along, like smartphones and, for brokers, CoStar.

She sees another one happening in the market today in the form of coworking. But, like most in the market, she's watching what's happening with WeWork closely.

"I don't think that WeWork is necessarily going away, but it's going to look different. And the time period of where you see WeWork taking down one hundred thousand feet, what feels like every other week ... we're not going to see that next year," she said. "But what it's done is, it's created great opportunities. But there's also a need to figure out how to sort of navigate those waters and aggregate that information."