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PMRG is Going Big

Washington DC Office

PMRG is growing its presence in DC, according to local EVP Dave Parker (left). After hiring brokers Andy Gilpin and Eddie Trujillio (next to Dave) this summer, the firm is hunting for acquisitions, after starting a $250M fund with Boston-based investment firm Roseview Group. Houston-based PMRG has already acquired an asset down there as part of the fund, and Dave says PMRG is on the lookout in DC, with a concentration on the suburbs. PMRG currently owns one building in the area—Montgomery Executive Center in Gaithersburg—but manages about 1.5M SF here. It's a big owner in Houston, and Dave says buying in DC could serve to affirm PMRG locally "as a respected institutional real estate entity." We snapped Dave, Andy, and Eddie with colleagues Alison Reich and Kim Lim.