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San Francisco keeps pouring it on. Congrats to Boston Properties, which just topped out this sleek spec 27-story tower at 535 Mission, probably the hottest street in the city. Although it's in the "brick and timber" low-rise old industrial area of SoMa that's become so popular with the tech set, glassy new high-rises like this are going up all around as well.

Nearby on Mission, this is the core of a tower that's been done for
a new Salesforce building developed by West Coast powerhouse Kilroy.

This is the current tallest building in SF, the iconic Transamerica Pyramid built in 1972. It's 853 feet—compared with the new Boston Properties/Hines Transbay Tower that is underway near the other BP property and will rise more than 200 feet higher.

It comes with topiary (we think that's the SAT word we once learned) that
echoes its shape. No idea whether that will be in vogue when Transbay
delivers in 2016.

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