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Vacant Dupont Row Houses Attract Squatters As Condo Redevelopment Stalls


A developer bought three adjacent Dupont Circle row houses in 2015 with plans for a luxury condo project, but as the development awaits approval, some unwelcome residents have begun calling the site home. 

The vacant properties have been left unkempt and trash-filled, and they've begun attracting homeless people, whom neighborhood residents have seen squatting in the buildings, the Washington City Paper reports.

21 Dupont LLC, registered by investors Jud Allen and Jeff Neal, bought the properties in September 2015 for at least $6.5M. The plan to build a 15 to 20-unit luxury condo building has stalled because of concerns about the proposed height increase.

The developer hopes to begin construction in early 2017, but until then it is unclear what will, or can‚ be done about the squatters and shabby conditions of the vacant properties. [WCP]

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