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15 Things You Need to Know This Morning

15 Things You Need to Know This Morning

What You Don’t Know About, Gulp, Mark Bisnow

Role at Bisnow now that he’s no longer CEO: Would like someone to please tell him.
What he hopes it is: Act like a Senator, ie, go to nice lunches, try to sound knowledgeable without actually knowing anything.
Above picture taken: Yesterday in Seattle, catching UberX to the airport after hosting event.
Background: Grew up in LA, went to same public high school as Mike Milken and Mike Ovitz but must have missed the courses on making money. Came to DC in 1975 to work on the Hill, ended up in four presidential campaigns he can remember: thinks he elected presidents Humphrey, Anderson, Tsongas, and Dole.
Sad implications of the foregoing: Highly indecisive, still has no idea what party he belongs to. Candidates seek him out to help their opponents.
Other oddities: Was lawyer at Latham and general counsel at two public companies but doesn’t know how to write a will. Was head of business development and marketing at Microstrategy and webMethods but has no clue what software is. Had morning radio show, but was so bad he was replaced by The Greaseman.
History of Bisnow: Started 10 years ago, now 75 employees, 27 cities, 250 events a year, 660,000 readers.
Proudest of (besides wife, kids, dog, and late ferret): Can do 14 pull-ups.
Most embarrassed by: Wife doesn’t know difference between pull-ups and push-ups, so she brags her husband can do 14 push-ups.
Startling fact: Can recite the vice presidents of the US in 12 seconds.
Caveat: Stops at Agnew (who was VP when he learned list), but then needs 10 minutes to remember who has been VP since.


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