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TOD of the Universe

That's what former DC Mayor and current Federal City Council CEO Tony Williams calls plans for Union Station. (He might have had transit oriented development on his mind because he watched 2001 yesterday.)


This is Tony at lunch today at the Hay-Adams. He is not even a teatotaler. He toasted the project with a glass of water. He says "if you take King's Crossing, Paddington and St. Pancras, that will be Union Station." (We believe those are erudite references to stuff in London.) The FC2 (as we aficionados call his organization) was instrumental in the last redesign, creating the Union Station Redevelopment Corp, and is active working with Akridge and others pushing the project forward today.


FC2 COO Kevin Clinton says they're also working hard with the National Park Service on plans to improve both parks along the Anacostia River and city golf courses (Hains Point, Rock Creek Park and Langston). Kevin's biggest accomplishment recently: his 6-month-old slept through the night this weekend.