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Dupont Circle Church Redevelopment Moves Toward Final Approval...Or Does It?

The redevelopment of St. Thomas' Parish Church took a step toward final approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board on Thursday. However, while the project was put on the HPRB's consent calendar—which usually results in a quick and final approval—community input could stall its progress. The proposed project would replace the ruins of the church at 1772 Church St NW (destroyed by arson 44 years ago) with a large new church and a 70-foot, 50- to 60-unit residential building, built in partnership with developers CAS Riegler. But the plan has met friction from community members who want to cap the height of the residential building at 59 feet, UrbanTurf reports. On Thursday, HPRB chair Gretchen Pfaehler moved to approve the project, but board member Graham Davidson wanted the project to return to the board. As a compromise, the project will go on the consent calendar, but if community members aren't happy, another hearing will be scheduled. [UT]