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Trump Will Breach Old Post Office Contract Unless He Divests From Business

The Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office building

After his inaugural procession completes its stroll down Pennsylvania AvenueDonald Trump's new hotel along the street will immediately become a major conflict of interest for the new president.

Upon being sworn in, he will effectively become the Old Post Office Building's landlord and tenant and will breach the contract he signed when he leased the building from the GSA, Government Executive Magazine reports.

“No...elected official of the Government of the United States...shall be admitted to any share or part of this Lease, or to any benefit that may arise therefrom...," the contract states. 

When Trump becomes an elected official on Jan. 20, he will be in violation of this clause unless he fully divests himself from the Trump Organization

But even if he does divest, an arrangement that leaves his children running the company could still present a conflict of interest that would leave the GSA in a difficult position. While it may not technically breach the lease, his children controlling the building would present at least the appearance of a conflict of interest, especially with his children involved in his transition and in meetings with foreign leaders. [GovExec]