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Top 6 Reasons To Get A Master's In Real Estate


1. Learn from experts

People interested in a career in commercial real estate, but lacking the experience to propel their careers to the next level, should consider pursuing a graduate degree in real estate. Professors in this field are typically industry experts with real-world experience. For example, the faculty in the Master of Science in Real Estate and Infrastructure program at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is comprised of the region’s leading real estate experts, who share real-world advice coupled with industry research and best practices. In addition to its accomplished part-time faculty, nine Carey full-time faculty members identify real estate and infrastructure as their primary or secondary field for their research or teaching.

2. Network

The Carey Business School’s vast alumni network is spread throughout the region’s top commercial real estate firms. There are more than 200,000 JHU alumni worldwide. The degree can connect recipients to people in their own backyard or across the globe, thanks to Johns Hopkins' unparalleled reputation. The cornerstone of the program is an ongoing partnership with industries at the forefront of real estate. An advisory board of CRE executives, entrepreneurs and decision-makers provides critical insight, commits to mentoring students, and supports internships.


3. Collaborate

Working with fellow students, tackling problems and generating solutions sets students up for real-world success. It also gives them a chance to cultivate a network of rising professionals—their peers and classmates.


4. Build your résumé

Candidates with an MS in real estate and infrastructure from the region’s only real estate master's degree program housed within a business school stand out. By pursuing a degree in the Carey Business School, students will get an in-depth look at overarching business trends and principles and how they impact real estate.


5. Earn more

Data shows professionals with a master's degree can earn up to 28% more than those with a bachelor’s degree. They can consider a degree a valuable investment with a high net ROI. 


6. Study the entire spectrum of the real estate industry

The curriculum is diverse—from investments to development, engineering to architecture, real estate law to green initiatives. Alumni will be equipped to take advantage of multiple opportunities within the industry with a comprehensive, well-rounded real estate business education.

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