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DC's Fastest-Growing Industries

DC is set to undergo a transformation in coming decades. So, with major developments like the Wharf (pictured) planned, we can't help but wonder where the jobs will be. George Mason University professor Stephen Fuller specializes in the economy, and he told Washingtonian his predictions for the industries that will create the most jobs over the next 30 years. And since Fuller has already made some pretty accurate predictions in the past, we're definitely banking on his expertise. Here's what he had to say:

1. Professional and business services
2014: 707,000 jobs
2044: 1.5 million jobs

2. Construction
2014: 147,000 jobs
2044: 264,000 jobs

3. Education/health
2014: 398,000 job
2044: 472,000 jobs

4. Leisure/hospitality
2014: 298,000 jobs
2044: 384,000 jobs