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Our Upcoming Bisnow Data Center Summit: Three Trends to Watch For

  • Big Firms Aren't Afraid of Colocation

In honor of our national Data Center Investment Conference and Expo ("DICE" for short) this Thursday and Friday in Crystal City, we caught up with one of our expert panelists, HITT's Ross Rebraca, for what's hot. Ross says enterprise centers (or single-tenant properties) are popping up less and less, since the advent of the cloud and other new security features make colocation centers less risky for even huge users. Owners are offering signage to the biggest users of colocation centers, Ross tells us, to help big companies put their stamp on a property.

  • Data Loves Loudoun

Loudoun County is and will continue to be a hotspot for data center growth, Ross says, since land is still readily available and Dominion Virginia Power provides a steady stream of juice for new and existing properties. Fiber optics also have a wide reach in Loudoun, and a strong labor force out there is music to the ears of owners and users. Loudoun will add a new natural gas power plant by 2017, which further strengthens the area's bonafides. Two areas to watch for growth, according to Ross: Prince William County and Fort Meade. (One day, it may grow to become King William County.)

  • The Party Will Rage On

The pedal has been to the metal in data center development the past five years, and Ross says there isn't any reason to believe things will slow down. Markets like Northern Virginia, Dallas, Phoenix, San Antonio, Chicago, and others have strong fundamentals that will keep development raging. But the smart growth is key, he says, to spread things out over time instead of developing too quickly in one area or another. Click here for more info and to sign up for this week's event.